Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: April 22, 2017

Organization: AccuStaff

City: Greenwood, SC

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Wages/Salary: $9.00/hr


Education: High School or GED; Experience: Minimum of 2 years experience in a manufacturing environment.
Skills/Competencies: Must have a WorkKeys assessment of at least a 3 on Applied Math, 4 on Reading For Information and 4 for Locating Information through Piedmont Technical College. Other Skills: Must be able to speak, read and write the English language

Job Description:

Local Medical Manufacturing Plant: SUMMARY OF POSITION: Retrieve the finished product from the machine and pack it into pre-formed cases. Receive filled unsealed cases of product from the pack off, seal and stack the cases and send them to the warehouse. Responsible for changing and empty cut out bags, trash containers and used core containers; vacuum overhead duct filters; and perform machine blow downs. All tasks should be performed in the safest most efficient manner possible.

? Must observe all safety precautions and regulations at all times in all areas where duties are performed. Will be responsible for reporting all safety hazards and potential unsafe working conditions. Must utilize the SCORE program and actively participate in safety meetings.
? Must understand and comply with all current plant policies and procedures.
? Will ensure that the correct product count is packed in the case.
? Will need to constantly perform visual quality inspections for defects.
? Must keep the pack off?s table clear by throwing away defective product and repackaging good product.
? Must watch the folding and stacker sections during any start up, restart or material change and take immediate action by pressing the STOP button to prevent jams as they begin to occur.
? Will clean the machine and the immediate area as necessary including but not limited to: change and empty cut out bags, trash containers and used core containers; vacuum overhead duct filters; and perform machine blow downs.
? Must ensure cases are stacked IAW approved stacking pattern.
? Must ensure carts are ticketed properly.
? Must load, operate and maintain the automatic case-sealing machine.
? Will operate and maintain the Marsh ink jet printer.
? Will provide formed, empty cases to pack off.
? Will seal & stack the filled cases and ensure correct quantity is stacked.
? Must ensure the correct quantity of cases per pallet.
? Must complete necessary production and quality paperwork as required.
? Must aid in changeover tasks as directed by Operator.
? Must load and operate automatic bagger.
? Will monitor machine during operator absence.
? Must perform pre-operational check of automatic case sealing machine and bagger.
? Prepare for next shift by ensuring sufficient supplies are present, area and trash containers are clean, Marsh printer is reset and rework is complete
? Must be able to perform repackage/rework when necessary

Normal working hours depending on the shift you are assigned is: 1st shift from 8a to 4p; 2nd shift from 4p to 12a and 3rd shift from 12a to 8a
Contact Name:
Bernette Robinson
Application Process:
Please call Bernette Robinson at 706-854-1220 x205 or Lorrie Miller at x202.