Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: December 1, 2008

Organization: Lincoln Welding and Machine, Inc.

City: Lincolnton, GA

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Wages/Salary: Salary depends on experience. Benefit package included


General machine shop knowledge: Lathes, Turn Metal Mills,
Fabricate Parts for Industries, Operation of Drill Presses,
Operation of Metal Shapers, Fabricate Couplings, Shafts, bushings, Pins, Hydraulic Cylinder Rods.
Must have good Mathematics Skills and Valid Drivers License, Must be dependable, have positive attitude, Alert at all times, good job ethic, willing to learn. Good communication and organizational skills required.
Technical school training a plus; Must be able to perform precision machine work. Required Tools for Machinist:

6” Dial Calipers, Depth Gauge, Telescope Gauges,
Parallels, 3/8 to 1 ¼ Wrenches, 6”, 10” & 12” Adjustable Wrenches, Channel Locks, Allen Wrenches, 25’ Tape Measure,
Punches, Drift Pins, & Chisels, Machinist Square, Dial Indicator, Back Plunger, and Tool Box

All Employees must have Safety Glasses, Lock out Locks, and hard-hat. H&H will supply (1) hard-hat, (1) set of Locks and Safety Glasses.

Job Description:

Job shop Machinist. Duties include, but not limited to: Welding, Lathes, Milling Machines, and Drill Presses.

Hours: 7am-4pm Monday - Friday
Contact Name:
Chasidy Coleman
Application Process:
You can contact our office via e-mail or fax at 706-359-6395.