Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: April 20, 2018

Organization: Anderson Bakery

Location: All Counties

City: Anderson

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Job Type: Full Time

Wages/Salary: Competitive Salary


Knowledge - Requires ability to understand complex verbal and written instructions; ability to read diagrams, sketches, operation manuals, manufacturer's specifications, blueprints, etc.; understand basic math; thorough understanding of mechanics, electrical equipment, hydraulics/pneumatics, welding, and refrigeration; possess working knowledge of OSHA safety procedures and lock out program; knowledge ordinarily acquired through two years certification from vocational or technical school and 10 years prior maintenance experience.

Mental - Requires normal attention with periods of high concentration intermittently to trouble shoot and resolve machinery/equipment problems approximately 25% of time.

Physical - Requires walking/standing approximately 90%, sitting approximately 10% and lifting up to 70 lbs. approximately 50% of time; involves repetitive stooping, forward bending and crouching approximately 50% of time; ability to climb ladders approximately 3% of time.

Environmental - Requires capability of performing essential job functions in bakery manufacturing environment with high degree of noise, flour dust, odors and a lack of air conditioning.

Manual Dexterity - Requires use of hands, arms and feet for repetitive lifting; use of hands and arms to operate welding equipment, drills, hand tools, meters, saws, grinders, torque wrenches, air wrenches and to record written information.

Audible/Visual - Requires ability to hear (essential job functions - 1,5); requires ability to visually observe essential job functions for satisfactory job performance (essential


Job Description:

Uses knowledge of mechanics and engineering and a high degree of concentration to observe and correct mechanical devices.  Such machinery includes mixers, moulders, ovens, wrapping machines, etc.  Involves bending to lift gears, motors, etc., weighing up to 70 lbs., observing mechanical devices in operation and listening to their sounds to locate causes of trouble.

  • Repairs and maintains all plant support equipment such as boilers, air compressors, and refrigeration.  Uses safety practices and lock out procedures.  Involves using hands and arms to operate hand tools, welding equipment, air power tools, and electrical monitoring equipment.
  • Receives preventative maintenance sheets from Maintenance Supervisor, reads to determine work to be completed, and walks to machinery and equipment to perform preventative maintenance inspections.  Includes checking mechanical defects, structural defects, electrical connections, etc.  Performs all work in bakery manufacturing environment with high degree of noise, flour dust, odors and lack of air conditioning.
  • Maintains daily upkeep of buildings and grounds.  Includes repairing roof leaks, building structures, flooring, air conditioning/heating, etc., and/or replacing fixtures, lighting, etc.  Involves climbing ladders to repair roofs and building structures.
  • Receives P/A system pages from various bakery plant departments regarding maintenance and/or repairs to machinery and equipment.
  • Installs new bakery plant production machinery and support equipment.  Includes installing special functional and structural parts in devices, using hand tools.  Starts devices to test their performance.
  • Records in log daily maintenance and/or repair activities in assigned area.  Includes recording equipment down time.  Submits to Maintenance Supervisor. 
  • Attends plant and/or departmental meetings regarding communications, safety, training, etc.
  • Fills containers such as oil cans and grease guns with specified lubricants.  Fills wells of lubricating systems with oil.
  • Walks to various departments for lubricating equipment and machinery.  Involves applying oils, greases, and fluids to moving parts of mechanical equipment according to specified procedures and/or oral instructions.
  • Forces grease into bearings of machinery using grease gun, manually smears grease on friction surfaces, and/or packs grease cups by hand.  Involves climbing ladders to open reservoirs on top of machinery and listening to operation to insure proper lubrication has been performed. 
  • Repairs and replaces wheels and rollers to all plant tier racks, rolling carts, and dollies.  Performs all work in bakery manufacturing environment with high degree of noise, flour dust, and odors.  Involves lifting dollies and racks up to 50 lbs.
  • Complies with all federal, state and local regulatory requirements and procedures.


  1. Assists outside agency inspectors with inspections, i.e. boiler, electrical, fire, sanitation, etc.
  2. Assists in training new maintenance personnel.  Includes apprentices, new mechanics, clerks, and engineers.
  3. Occasionally assists in moving equipment and furniture.
  4. Maintains cleanliness of work area.  Includes sweeping floors and placing trash in trash receptacles.
  5. I-85 Initiative-  Operational results are measured using process reliability tools.  The plant reliability goal is 85%. Mechanics will be trained and are expected to participate in achieving this goal.
  6. Performs other various job functions as may be assigned.


Contact Name:
Tonya L. Broadnax
Contact Phone Number: 864-226-9135 ext 206
Application Process:
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