Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: August 31, 2018

Organization: AMPS - SC, Inc.

Location: Abbeville

City: Abbeville

  1. Responsibilities include:
  1. Perform quality control inspections, checks, and tests of materials, parts and products at different stages of production.
  2. Document manufacturing procedures in established formats such as control plans and SOP’s.
  3. Participate in the design and development of facilities, work areas, and work procedures and make productivity, environmental, health and safety recommendations accordingly.
  4. As assigned, complete tasks supporting and/or maintaining records showing compliance with federal, state and local safety, environmental and other regulatory agency requirements such as UL and ISO. 
  5. Manage the timely calibration of required production equipment and quality control devices.
  6. Establish and assure compliance with quality control procedures such that products meet quality specifications.
  7. Lead, guide, and train employees on established quality control procedures, safety programs, and manufacturing processes as required.
  8. Fulfill the roll of ISO internal auditor.

Perform other work as assigned by immediate supervisor.

Job Description:

The Manufacturing Technical Services Technician provides technical support to the manufacturing operation. He/She will fulfill the lead role of quality inspection and manufacturing process development for the facility. In addition, he/she will administer the safety and environmental programs of the company. He/She will coordinate and communicate with other departments/personnel within the company, customers and suppliers on quality, manufacturing process, safety and environmental related issues as needed. 

Contact Name:
Eric Krichbaum
Contact Phone Number: 864-366-2022
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Application Process:
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