Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: August 19, 2014

Organization: Department of Transportation-District 1

City: Lexington County, South Carolina

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Wages/Salary: $21,484.00 - $39,754.00 Annually


A 10th grade education and two (2) years of work experience that is directly related to the area of employment; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human Resources Regulations. A valid Class A Commercial Driver?s License (CDL). Note: This position requires a valid Class A Commercial Driver?s License. However, applicants without a Class A Commercial Driver?s License will be considered if no qualified applicants without a Class A Commercial Driver?s License is available. Class A Commercial Driver?s License must be attained within six (6) months of placement in the positions.
May be required to work overtime, nighttime, and/or weekends during hazardous
weather or emergencies.

Job Description:

Inspects, Services, and performs routine and general repairs to motorized vehicles. Makes repairs of engines and tune-up, searches and determines problems that need immediate attention. Assists mechanic in rebuilding engines and transmissions. Checks brake systems on vehicles and tractors to ensure proper working order. Makes repairs on cylinder and wheel cylinders and repairs or replaces to keep vehicles in good running condition. Tests electrical systems on starters, alternators, lighting and coils, and repair. Over hauls carburetors, checking out ignition system and makes diagnosis. Uses test equipment and trains to repair diesel powered trucks and equipment. Balances tires on airs and trucks. Repairs, tests, and performs maintenance on commercial vehicles that requires a commercial driver?s license. Makes on the road repairs to keep down time on equipment. Checks the shop service report each morning to determining the tools needed to start the work dat. Be on hand to secure all supplies and equipment needed by the mechanic to do the repair job. Cleans up tools, area, shop, and equipment at the end of each work day Performs other related duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Application Process:
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