Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: June 1, 2012

Organization: Advanced Technology Services, Inc.

City: Clinton, SC

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Wages/Salary: 12.00 per hour


Skills Required:
? General knowledge of equipment and how it works (pumps, motors, hydraulic systems, etc.)
? Able to take pictures using a ?simple? digital camera
? Understand CAD drawings
? Able to write reports and summaries of activities
? Capable of creating documents using the photos and diagrams created
? Able to converse and interface with ATS and Norbord personnel (Site Manager, Technicians, Maintenance Manager)
? Able to prioritize and organize various work assignments.
Timing and Relationships:
? Estimate of 3 months working 40 Hours/week to complete the project
? Report to Product Manager
? Coordinate with Site Manager on site
Criteria for Success:
? Completed document showing photos and diagrams of all lube points at Norbord
? Make recommendations to Product Manager on how to move forward with this program at future accounts (how can we do it better and more efficiently)

Job Description:

The Product Development Team is currently commercializing a new product offering ? Lubrication Services. Part of the process is to have a prototype to evaluate the performance of the service from a customer value perspective as well as develop the tools necessary to promote the service in the future. This prototype is being conducted at Norbord ? Joanna, SC (approximately 40 miles south of Greenville, SC). A team of 5 ATS personnel are currently on site delivering the service to this manufacturer of OSB (Oriented Strand Board). An intern would help to develop the tools necessary to commercialize the Lubrication Services Program. Specifically, the intern would produce pictures and diagrams to show all lubrication points in the plant.
Job Duties:
? Become familiar with the lubrication program at Norbord and understand the operation of the Norbord plant.
? Go to all lubrication points in the plant and determine the best way to document these points (either diagrams or photos)
? Take photos of lube points as required.
? Examine customer CAD drawings and determine if they can be used to show all lube points.
? Assemble all photos and diagrams into a comprehensive document that can be used to show all lube points in the plant (approximately 1800)

First Shift - 40 hours per week.
Contact Name:
Ginger Lawrence
Application Process:
apply via ATS's career page:
job number BS050312 - Mechatronics Intern