Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: December 22, 2010

Organization: Charter Communications

City: Simpsonville, SC

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Ability to analyze and interpret data
Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a clear and straightforward manner
Ability to handle multiple projects and tasks
Ability to perform duties in a very fast pace environment and ability to learn new technology
Ability to prioritize and organize effectively
Knowledge in network design, network architecture, protocols and network topology
Knowledge in network designing software such as Visio and AutoCAD
Knowledge in using software tools such as HP OpenView, Cisco Works, network sniffers and help-desk tools such as Remedy
Knowledge in TCP/IP implementation in Unix and MS Windows NT
Server Knowledge in X-Server based remote access software such as Reflections-X, etc.
Knowledge of cable television products and services
Knowledge of related industry specifications and standards: IEEE, ANSI, UTP Fiber, ATM, ISDN, Bridging, Switching, Frame Relay, Routing, Ethernet and Transport protocols.
Bachelor's degree in computer science/IS/MIS/computer engineering/electrical engineering or equivalent experience.
Networking technologies experience.
Computer network management experience.
Project management experience.

Job Description:

Responsible for architectural design of the enterprise network, project management and implementation, 3rd tier technical support, process monitoring and review, and upgrades of the enterprise network.
As part of the team, implement and maintain all routers, ATM switches, digital transports, terminal servers and hubs in an enterprise class network to ensure optimum performance at all times
Participate with team to design and test network changes and additions to ensure very minimal disruption to the production system
Troubleshoot and analyze hardware and software during outages as well as during scheduled maintenance
Provide information for team to develop documentation related to protocol and architectural changes, as well as technical documentation for supporting staff and running journals
Coordinate with network equipment vendors to ensure that all hardware and software currently implemented is up-to-date and bug-free
As part of the team, design, scale, analyze and load-testing network bandwidth for all data services, telephony as well as all LAN/WAN/MAN traffics
As part of the team, implement, configure and maintain the network circuit redundancy via layer 2 switching and/or layer 3 routing to minimize network downtime
Perform other duties as requested by supervisor

Contact Name:
Felicia White, PHR
Application Process:
The job description is attached. Please direct those interested to the following link to apply: