Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: February 12, 2010

Organization: Komatsu

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● BS degree in Business, Engineering or related field and 1-3 years materials experience, - OR - 2 years college and 5-7 years manufacturing experience working with materials (purchasing, planning, warehouse, - OR 9-11 years manufacturing experience working with materials(purchasing, planning warehouse)
● Excellent computer skills including Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word.
● Excellent oral and written communication skills.
● Good organizational skills and attention to detail.
● Must project a cooperative and positive attitude towards customers, employee and the company

Job Description:

● Develops and implements cost reduction strategies established by top
management and to meet the short term and long term reduction. Cost Analysis - weight cost table, ratio's determine action.
● Supplier development to expand business, improve financially, reduce their in- house and total cost, and improve their deliveries. Provides direction and support to build NMO / Supplier partnership relations with a long term approach.
● Implements Design Change & Model implementation. Processes ECN / ERL's according to KES standards in accordance to QCD's principals by tracking weekly documentation department forms (REA, ECN, DCN, PCN, AR's.
● Set up and maintains SAP settings with accuracy & promptness including Info Records, Source List, and MRP related Material Master settings
● Creates manual orders and/or review MRP generated orders (checking accuracy) promptly and make sure suppliers have acknowledged receipt of orders.
● Ensures orders are received form suppliers on the specified due dates through
expediting and overall purchase order management to prevent production
stopages and workforce downtime.
● Coordinates and decides disposition of rejected parts in a prompt/cost
effective manner to prevent production stoppages and workforce downtime.
● Develops and implements inventory reduction projects for supplier base to
meet top management’s inventory reduction and months on hand (MOH)target levels.

Contact Name:
Susan Snurr, PHR
Application Process:
Interested candidates can apply online at: