Recovery Technician

Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: August 30, 2015

Organization: Georgia Eye Bank

City: Atlanta

Wages/Salary: This is a per diem position. Recovery Technician are placed on an on call schedule based on the availability they have submitted and the needs of the organization. Recovery Technicians are paid a fee per case they are dispatched to as well as the federal reimbursement rate for miles traveled.


Essential Duties of the Position:
1.Travel to location of donor (e.g. hospital, ME/Coroner office, funeral home)
2.Review and verification of legal authorization
3.Screen donors through review of available medical records/information
4.Assess eligibility of donors for recovery according to EBAA Medical Standards, FDA regulations and GEB Standard Operating Procedures
5.Identification of the donor (e.g. ID band, toe tag, morgue cooler label)
6.Perform and document detailed physical inspection
7.Always adhere to Standard Precautions during entire recovery process
8.Obtain adequate blood samples (pre and postmortem) that are eligible for infectious disease testing (i.e. serologies)
9.Perform recovery (enucleations and in situ corneal excisions)
10.Collect vitreous for Coroners/MEs
11.Perform donor restoration
12.Perform all required documentation in a thorough, complete and professional manner
13.Package tissue, blood samples, and documentation appropriately for transportation to GEB laboratory
14.Ensure effective and positive communications are maintained with hospital staff, MEs/Coroners, tissue banks, OPO, and funeral homes
15 Attend required meetings and training sessions

Job Description:

This position is responsible for the safe recovery of donated ocular tissue (in situ corneal excisions and whole eye enucleations) utilizing sterile/aseptic technique. Recovery Technicians (RTs) must travel to site of donor and maintain communication with donor coordinator regarding case circumstances and unique observations.

Recovery Technicians must be able to submit availability for a minimum of 2 different shifts in a 2 week pay period, a minimum of 24 hours a week and a minimum of 2 weekends a month. Shift times are as follows: 0700-1500, 1500-2300, and 2300-0700.
Contact Name:
Lauren Buckley
Application Process:
This is an excellent opportunity for bright, detail oriented, and dependable individuals that seek schedule flexibility and autonomy in a healthcare related field. For further information or to apply, please submit a cover letter and a resume via email to