Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: July 31, 2012

Organization: Ellett Brothers, LLC

City: Chapin

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Drug Testing/Screening, Background Checks and Reference Checks required. 2+ Years experience in a warehouse environment preferred. This person should be a team player, able to multitask, and have basic knowledge with Word, Excel, and Outlook. Supervisory experience helpful.

Job Description:

This position should first and foremost work to improve the overall logistics of the picking and packing processes. This position must serve as a liaison between all areas in the distribution center. This position should promote open, productive conversation between departments and work with department managers and supervisors to propose changes to existing business practices that would improve productivity within our distribution processes.

Specific Responsibilities

- Coordinate and manage on a daily basis all outbound shipments. Work closely with sales, purchasing and distribution management to incorporate any ideas or suggestions.

- Review, record, and establish corrective actions for errors associated with incorrect picks and improper packing.

- On a daily basis monitor the Production Incentive Program and work with assigned staff to assure for 100% performance from all.

- Provide labor assistance in all areas of the distribution center and assist warehouse management in scheduling and overall management of labor hours.

- Schedule and post on a daily basis all Incentive activities and results.

- On a daily basis through the Time and Attendance system monitor time clocks for assigned staff to assure for complete and accurate entries.

- On a weekly basis publish the Daily Operating Report (DOR).

- Assist management with hiring, counseling and employee performance reviews as necessary.

- Monitor quality control issues on a daily basis and work closely with inventory control to resolve any issues.

Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm (may need to work additional hours dependent upon industry needs.)
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