Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: December 31, 2015

Organization: Department of Public Safety

City: Statewide, SC

Wages/Salary: $26,139.00 - $48,361.00 Annually


A high school diploma or GED. Must be a US citizen and at least 21 years of age. Must be able to perform all essential and marginal job functions of a State Transport Police Officer. Must be a resident of South Carolina and have a valid South Carolina driver's license prior to the effective date of hire. Selected applicants must attend and successfully complete the State Transport Police Training Program. While in training you are required to live at the SC Criminal Justice Academy during the week and will not be permitted to stay on the weekends. Selected applicants are required to pass a pre-employment physical fitness test. You will also be required to participate in daily physical training. Once training is successfully completed and the candidate is offered a job, he/she may be required to relocate to a different District. All qualified applicants will be required to submit to an extensive background check to include; credit check, criminal history, driver's record, history of drug use, a polygraph examination and take a urinalysis test to screen for illegal substances prior to appointment. The background investigation will consist of contacting ALL of your former employers, and at the due time your current employer. Please note that answering "NO" on the state application to the questions asking "May we contact this employer?" will not allow the State Transport Police to conduct a thorough background investigation and you will not move forward in the selection process. Candidates who wear eye glasses or contact lenses must meet an uncorrected standard of 20/100 corrected to 20/20. Candidates must also be capable of distinguishing, without corrections, three colors: green, yellow and red. Selected applicants must have the ability to communicate effectively, stand for extended periods of time, the flexibility to work in various positions (e.g., crouching, kneeling, lying, sitting, standing) and the strength to lift and carry approximately 100 pounds.

Job Description:

Patrol roadways, operate weigh stations, and inspection facilities in the State of South Carolina. Enforce vehicle laws, motor carrier regulations, and other criminal laws primarily on commercial motor carriers and drivers. Assist other agencies and the public with commercial vehicle related enforcement issues. Provide information to the public regarding commercial motor vehicle safety. Maintain and submit reports of enforcement activities. Conduct roadside driver and truck inspections using North American Standard Inspection procedures. Evaluate and weigh vehicles using portable weigh scales and permanent scale facilities. Issue citations, prepare cases, and prosecute violators in court. Responsible and accountable for handling public funds.

Rotating Shifts
Application Process:
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