Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: November 2, 2015

Organization: Department of Public Safety

City: Greenville, SC

Wages/Salary: $26,139.00 - $48,361.00 Annually


A high school diploma and entry-level work experience with voice communications systems or central switchboard operations. An associate degree in a technical communications discipline may be substituted for the required experience.
Public Safety Dispatching experience and valid South Carolina NCIC certification.
Ability to convey and interpret oral and written communication to and from law enforcement officers and the general public. Ability to operate a computer or to quickly acquire computer skills. Ability to solicit accurate information in an emergency situation. Ability to remain calm and make quick decisions during stressful situations and emergencies. Ability to relate well with the public over the telephone. Ability to be trained, tested, and certified in the operation of the NCIC system. Ability to read a map.

Job Description:

Receives and dispatches information to DPS enforcement personnel and other agencies over two-way radio systems, telephones, teletype, computer aided dispatch, and fax machine.
Maintains computerized documentation (CAD) of all radio transmissions, accident call in reports, teletype reports, SLED/CJICS, NLETS, and NCIC transactions. (This is the primary means utilized for documentation of information received.)
Receives calls from citizens requesting assistance for traffic accidents, reckless drivers, road rage, disabled motorist, attempting to contact troopers, and other road conditions that require emergency response. Provides information on road and weather conditions and best routes to travel.
Retrieves information from computer terminals for driver's license and vehicle registration, both in-state and out-of-state. Inquires to determine possible stolen vehicle, wanted and missing persons, and stolen gun reports.
Directs troopers to traffic accident scenes or any other type of situation requiring response.
Reads maps to find locations to relay to troopers in locating incidents.
Maintains recorder system, notifying personnel of any malfunctions.
Acts as backup for Emergency Preparedness Division in receiving notification from Nuclear power plants and Nuclear facilities of any potential unplanned or accidental release of radioactive material. Upon notification, immediately notifies Bureau of Radiological Health and the Emergency Preparedness Division.
Receive calls for DOT and DOR from the public requesting information and/or assistance after normal working hours.

12-hour Rotating Shifts
Application Process:
Interested applicants must apply online at