Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: May 7, 2010

Organization: Department of Transportation-District 2

City: McCormick, South Carolina

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Wages/Salary: $24,881.00 - $46,033.00 Annually


A high school diploma and four and one-half (4.5) years of related trades experience; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human Resources Regulations. A valid Commercial Driver's License. (NOTE): This position requires a Commercial Driver's License. However, qualified applicants without a Commercial Driver's License will be considered if no qualified applicant with Commercial Driver's License are available.

Job Description:

Supervises a crew in grading of ditches and reshaping shoulders including cleaning out pipe, outfall and berm ditches. Construct driveway entrances including grading of ditches, laying pipe and paving of driveways. Acts as an "on-call" Foreman on a regular rotating basis. During this week period they must be available to respond to emergency situations 24 hours a day. Will be contacted by patrol, county and city dispatchers when emergencies arise anywhere within the county. Must respond immediately, assess the situation and contact maintenance personnel required to remedy the problem. Supervises these employees in the most difficult of situations
in any type of maintenance work from replacing a stop sign to major bridge repairs using all types of heavy equipment. Supervises a crew in all aspects of asphalt roadway repairs. Inputs crew activities into Highway Maintenance Management System daily. Supervises and ensures safe work zone for maintenance crew, as in flagging operations, wearing of safety equipment,vehicle safety, or when working with hazardous materials and waste.

Monday - Friday (8:30 - 5:00)/Full-Time
Contact Name:
Wanda Day
Application Process:
Apply online. Supplemental questions are considered part of your official application AND MUST BE COMPLETED. Resumes will not be reviewed to determine if an applicant has met the qualifications for the position.