Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: June 30, 2015

Organization: Southeastern Products, Inc.

City: Fountain Inn

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Wages/Salary: $11-$13/hour depending on experience



1.We want people to join our team who love to work. Does that mean every day is a party? Well, no. But it does mean you are here to help your team succeed and get better every day. And be ready to have fun at the occasional party!
2.We are looking for someone with 1-3 years experience for this position. Don?t have that amount? That?s cool! But tell us why you know you could do it anyway!
3.Have a degree or specialized training somewhere? Awesome! Tell us where you got it and what you focused on. Don?t have one? Great! Tell us why your experience or passion would make you the best person for this job!
4.And a few extras:
?Must be able to perform well under deadline constraints and meet quality standards.
?If needed, willingness to work weekends and flex hours.
?Proven mechanical aptitude.
?Ability to read and write sufficiently to follow work-order instructions, read equipment manuals and prepare production reports.
?Ability to work independently while utilizing problem solving, time management and organizational skills

Job Description:

We are looking for some woodworkers to join our team during our summer busy season. This position is temporary and requires an individual to build wooden structures; build and repair wooden structures, or the wooden parts of structures. Work assignments are usually in the form of rough sketches or oral instructions and some will be accompanied by blueprints or drawings. The candidate is frequently expected to develop (with assistance) exact work designs from minimal description of the object.

A candidate may be expected to:
1.Set up and operate such woodworking machines as power saws, jointer, mortise, molder and shaper to cut and shape lumber from stock; trim component parts of joints to proper fit using hand tools such as planes, chisels or wood files.
2.Sand and scrap surfaces and joints of articles in preparation for finishing; install hardware such as hinges, catches, drawer pulls and knobs.
3.Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.

Additional duties that are not required, but good to have are:
1.Interpret blueprints and shop drawings to determine measurements and specifications required to construct or repair cabinets, shelves, fixtures, and other wooden articles using woodworking machines and hand tools.
2.Install laminate on finished items

1st shift: 7am-4:30 (M-Th) and 7am-11am (Fridays)
2nd shift: 4pm-1:30am (M-Th) and 10:30am-2:30pm (Fridays)
Overtime will be scheduled during the summer which result in additional hours and possibly some Saturday work.
Contact Name:
Alison Saavedra
Application Process:
Please email your resume/work history. Thank you!