Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: April 22, 2016

Organization: Charter Communications

City: Simpsonville, SC

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Skills/Abilities and Knowledge: Ability to analyze and interpret data; Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a clear and straightforward manner;
Ability to communicate with all levels of management and company personnel;
Ability to handle multiple projects and tasks;
Ability to maintain confidentiality;
Ability to make decisions and solve problems while working under pressure;
Ability to prioritize and organize effectively;
Ability to show judgment and initiative and to accomplish job duties;
Ability to use personal computer;
Proficient in using Microsoft Office software applications (including MS Word, Excel, etc.);
Ability to work independently;
Ability to work with others to resolve problems, handle requests or situations;
Ability to use scheduling and workforce management software (e.g. Aspect eWorkforce Management?s tracking module and Real Time Adherence Software);
Knowledge of cable television products and services;
Flexibility with work schedule required (weekend, early morning, or night shift);

Education: High School Diploma or recognized equivalent and College-level course work in Algebra and Statistics;

Related Work Experience: 1 Year of Call center (in-bound) experience

Job Description:

Responsible for the real-time and intra-day monitoring and tracking of call volume, agent schedules and all off-phone activity for Charter contact centers.

Actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience.

Assist in administration of schedule adherence, exception time management and real-time call routing through utilization of workforce management software (Aspect eWorkforce Management Software).

Coordinate real-time scheduling of team meetings, supervisor coaching sessions, training, and other scheduled off-phone activity.

Monitor real-time adherence and call statistics and communicate with Supervisors to ensure on-phone and off-phone activity is managed efficiently throughout the day.

Assist in monitoring of sick calls, tardiness, etc., entering real-time exceptions into Aspect eWorkforce Management (absence, tardiness, meetings, overtime, etc.).

Generate and communicate off phone activity reports, staffing issues, performance measures, and call statistics to appropriate members of management.

Forecast potential over-staffing/under-staffing conditions and adjust real-time staffing based on Call Center needs.

Monitor intra-day call volume to outsourcers to ensure load balancing and compliance to forecast agreements.

Assist Workforce Administrator in administration of overtime and voluntary time off (VTO) programs
Perform other duties as requested by supervisor.

Office environment with 24-hour service capability
Application Process:
Please Apply Online.