no-cost option

Pay $0 for Classes at Piedmont Tech

There are a lot of great jobs available in the region. Many of these opportunities require a college education or advanced training. For that reason, Piedmont Technical College (PTC) is fully removing the tuition cost barrier for current and future students who enroll through summer 2022. 

“We don’t want anything standing in the way of your pursuit of a new or better career path,” said Dr. Hope E. Rivers, president of PTC “Every single credit program we offer is now eligible for 100% tuition coverage. It’s truly a historic opportunity.”


Made possible by a variety of funding sources, including federal, state, local and community aid, PTC’s no-cost tuition option is available to South Carolina residents with a desire to begin or continue their education. Eligible students must also enroll at PTC in a minimum of six credit hours (typically two courses).

“This step will ensure that citizens in our service region have access to all the benefits a college education provides,” said Dr. Rivers. “When they leave us, they will be equipped to seek good jobs or pursue further education.”

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