Promotional Items

Faculty and staff may request items to be used for events on campus or in the communities we serve. Order completion is based on item quantity and date of event.

We use promotional items as a way to help a prospective student or guest remember who we are at Piedmont Technical College. We ask that you help us to be good stewards of our college funds by only selecting items you may need for a specific event and return unused items. Please include details of the event so that we may help you come up with an exciting, but affordable plan tailored for your event. Our Marketing Department is your resource for your promotional items, including brochures.

Please use the following link to order items listed below. If items are available, you will be contacted a few days prior to your event to determine pickup or delivery of your items. 

Request items here

Remember: Quantities are limited.  Selections may change throughout the year.

Order Process Q & A

How do I order promotional/giveaway items?
  • All orders must be placed via the ticket system. Phone calls, emails and team messages may get lost in the mix so the best practice is to put in a ticket.
  • When putting in the ticket, please be sure to list event type and date.
  • Please return any unused items. This allows us to put items back into our inventory and prevent them from being lost in someone’s office/closet.
  • After your order has been fulfilled, you will be contacted a few days prior to your event to determine pick up or drop off of your items.
How do I get items for Open Houses, etc.?

Any event coordinated by the Admissions Office will follow the process below:

  • All giveaway/promotional items will be provided to the Admissions department. They will then distribute items to each program or department. This streamlines the process and allows more even distribution.
  • Please refrain from reaching out to request items for these events since Admissions will have all items.
What types of events can I request items for?

Events can include Open Houses, Job Fairs, Festivals within our 7-county region, Recruitment Events at local high schools, etc.

How many items can I request at a time?

Due to limited storage space, we keep a very small inventory. Please try and keep this in mind when placing the order. In some instances, we will need to mix the order. For example, if you ask for 100 items, we may provide 50 pens, 25 cups, and 25 water bottles in order to make up the 100.

How far in advance do I need to put in a ticket for an event?

For requests that are under 100 items, we ask that a 2-week notice be given. If you need more than 100 items for an event, please give at least a 4-week notice. This will allow us to order items and have them in time for your event. Moving forward, last minute requests may not be fulfilled.

What if we want a specific item for an event?

Contact the Marketing & PR office to discuss options.

How should promotional /giveaway items be used?

Program Brochures and other marketing materials should be preferable for handing out. These items have information pertinent to the college and allow you to engage with the prospective student versus just handing them items. After discussion and engagement, then hand out a giveaway item thanking them for their interest.

Giveaway Items and Brochures

Tier 1 Items

These items are perfect if you're looking for an inexpensive option to promote the college.

  • Pens, lip balm, stadium cups, water bottles, cleaning cloths, sticky memo set, chip clips and bracelets


Stadium cup

Stress Ball

Cleaning Cloth

Chip Clip


Water Bottle

Lip Balm


Plastic Bag



Tier 2 Items

The items in this tier are a little more costly than those in the previous section, and they are intended for individuals or small groups.

Water Bottle

Water Bottle Holder

Drawstring Bag


Notepad with pen

Mouse Pad


Tier 3 Items

Tier 3 items are of a higher quality for those times when you have a VIP guest or special need. These items can also be used as door prizes.

  • Padfolios, tumblers, folding chairs and umbrellas









A sampling of what we have available is listed below. We also furnish items to be used at job fairs and other recruitment events. Since we supply items to different departments at the college, we ask that you only request what you need. Orders may be placed through the college's ticket system here.

  • Program brochures
  • Travel viewbooks
  • Financial Aid brochures
  • Pocket folders
  • Semester calendars
  • Dual Enrollment brochures
  • County Impact reports
  • Strategic Plan brochures