Computerized Numerical Control Certificate

The CNC certificate is designed for people with a machinist background who desire to learn about the basic operations of CNC (computerized numerical controlled) machinery.

Good math and blueprint reading skills are essential for those who would like to study CNC programming. This certificate requires students to write simple CNC programs using the G and M codes to define tool paths and other CNC functions. The student will then program and operate CNC machines. The graduate will have a good working knowledge of CNC and the jobs associated with this type of work.


Required Courses

Courses Credit Hours
MAT 170 Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry I 3.0
MAT 171 Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry II 3.0
MTT 120 Machine Tool Print Reading 3.0
MTT 121 Machine Tool Theory I 3.0
MTT 130 Fundamentals of Geometric Dimensions & Tolerances 2.0
MTT 143 Precision Measurements 2.0
MTT 251 CNC Operations 3.0
MTT 253 CNC Programming and Operation 3.0
CPT 169 Industrial Computer Applications 3.0
Subtotal   25.0
Total Credit Hours 25.0


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement:

The Computerized Numerical Control Certificate is designed for students with a machinist background who desire the knowledge of basic operations of CNC machinery. Students will learn basic CNC programming. Graduates will have good working knowledge of CNC and the jobs associated with this type of work.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply theoretical knowledge gained in class to complete metal working projects to blueprint requirements.
  2. Setup and safely operate all machine tools required for project completion.
  3. Maintain the personal discipline to complete projects on time.
  4. Use technology in machine shop related to on the job requirements.
  5. Use applicable tooling correctly during various machining operations.


Advisement Information

​Program notes

  • This certificate is designed for someone with an MTT degree or diploma, or 4+ years MTT work experience.
  • The best start time for CNC certificate is summer semester.
  • MTT courses are offered during days and evenings.

Notes about individual classes

  • This certificate requires CPT 169, and CPT 101 can be substituted for CPT 169.  CPT 101 use Office 2016.  CPT 101 students must purchase an access code for MyITLab, a learning management system that is used for CPT 101.  The CPT 101 access code is good for six months.  RDG 100 is a prerequisite for CPT 101.

2018-2019, 2019-2020 Semester-by-Semester Graduation Plans

Computerized Numerical Control Certificate (CNC7) - Fall Start
Computerized Numerical Control Certificate (CNC7) - Spring Start


  • It is very important for students to connect with their academic advisor during the initial enrollment process.  If registering at a county center, have the student call his or her academic advisor.
  • You may contact Don Lytch (at the Lex Walters Campus in Greenwood) or Phillip Calhoun (at the Center for Advanced Manufacturing in Laurens) for information about this program.
  • Please e-mail to submit advising information updates and corrections.

Advisement information updated/reviewed 9/18/2017.