Date Posted: June 15, 2023

Deadline: October 1, 2023

Organization: Flexible Technologies

Location: Abbeville

City: Abbeville

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Job Type: Full Time Part Time

Wages/Salary: 14.00/ per hour


Strong computer skills

Job Description:

Job Summary:

The EHS Process Mapping Specialist is responsible for analyzing and documenting business processes within an organization, creating detailed process maps and workflows. This role involves collaborating with cross-functional teams to identify areas for improvement, streamline operations, and enhance overall efficiency. The EHS Process Mapping Specialist plays a crucial role in facilitating process understanding, communication, and optimization.

Essential Functions:

  • Collaborating with leadership to understand and analyze existing business processes.
  • Conduct interviews and observations to gather information about process steps, inputs, outputs, and key stakeholders.
  • Utilize process mapping techniques and tools (e.g., flowcharts, swimlane diagrams, value stream maps) to visually represent and document current processes accurately.
  • Identify inefficiencies, bottleneck, and areas for improvement in existing processes.
  • Analyze process maps to identify opportunities for automation, standardization, and optimization.
  • Support the implementation of process changes, collect feedback, and make adjustments as necessary.
Contact Name:
Topeka Jennings
Contact Phone Number: 8643375840
Application Process:
Send resumes to:

Topeka Jennings
Subject Line: EHS Process Mapping Intern
Employer Address:

528 Carwellyn Rd.
Abbeville , SC 29620
United States

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