Date Posted: September 13, 2021

Deadline: October 29, 2021

Organization: VANSCO INC

Location: Greenwood


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Job Type: Full Time

Wages/Salary: $36,000 - $54,000 (depending on experience)

Job Description:
  1. Role:

The Production Lead Technician assists the Operations Manager with the development, coordination and execution of the activities supporting production to assure the safe and efficient operation of the production facility in order to meet the product demand of customers.

  1. Responsibilities include:
  1. Ensure all production employees follow established safety regulations and work practices.
  2. Assist the Operations Manager with the development and maintenance of production supporting documentation and processes for existing and new products.
  3. Assist with the development of quotations in response to Customer RFQ’s.
  4. Assist with the completion of Internal Process audits.
  5. Perform assigned quality assurance checks for products produced.
  6. Assist the Operations Manager with the preparation of the production schedule and direction of production activities to meet the customer demand and quality specification of products.
  7. Assist with clerical activities supporting production such as processing Work Orders, printing wire labels, printing and distributing Sales Order report.
  8. Identify and implement process improvement opportunities with the input and participation of production personnel.
  9. As assigned, complete tasks supporting the maintenance of records showing compliance with federal, state and local safety, environmental and other regulatory agency requirements such as OSHA and ISO.
  10. Assist with establishment and adherence to material control procedures.
  11. Review machines and equipment to ensure adherence to specified maintenance and operating instructions. Assist with maintenance activities as qualified.
  12. Assist with the training of production employees on specific job duties assuring understanding of safety, quality and output requirements for each task.
  13. Communicate any production problems or obstacles to the Operations Manager and assist with resolution.
  14. Assist with maintaining required records of equipment, production, deliveries and supplies, and make these available to management as requested.
  15. Perform direct production activities as needed to support demand requirements.
  16. Perform other work as assigned by the Operations Manager.
  1. Authority:
  1. Notify Operations Manager of any safety, quality or employee performance issues.
  2. Implement process improvements as identified to improve safety, quality, and/or productivity.
  3. Sign off on quality of parts/product/workmanship from employees within assigned area.
  4. Participate with interviewing of and/or provide input on the hiring of new employees.
7:00 am - 3:30 pm. M - F
Contact Name:
Eric Krichbaum
Contact Phone Number: 8643889250
Application Process:
Send resume to
Employer Address:

2432-D, Hwy 72-221 E
United States

Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.