Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: March 22, 2019

Organization: Shaw Industries

Location: Columbia Area

City: Columbia, SC

Job Type: Full Time



  • Safety practices - LOTO, Confined Space, PPE, Hot Work, PIT, Fall Protection, Hoisting & Rigging, and  Hoisting & Rigging
  • Calculator and Computer application – work order documentation, parts requisitioning
  • Measurement units, techniques and application of appropriate tools
  • Math skills to include
    • Arithmetic
    • Application of formulas such as area, volume, etc.
    • Conversion of measurement units
  • Ability to read and interpret mechanical and electrical schematics and make simple sketches
  • Identification and selection of proper tools, focused on selection of the right tool for work assignment application
  • Selection and development of lubrication schedules, including application methods and systems
  • Power transmission system and component removal and installation techniques and procedures
  • Plumbing/piping conveyance system and component removal and installation techniques and procedures
  • Precision alignment techniques for direct coupled elements, including laser alignment
  • Basic fabrication skills including knowledge of welding and cutting techniques and tools
  • Intermediate troubleshooting techniques of mechanical systems, understanding electrical interactions
  • Common cause failure modes and correction of  in mechanical systems


  • Work Standards
  • Solve Problems
  • Build Customer Satisfaction
  • Collaborate
Job Description:


To maintain and ensure capacity of equipment assets in assigned areas of responsibility that impact optimal efficiencies at lowest reasonable cost.


Execution of assigned tasks and duties with focus on:

Safe work practices. High quality, precision work with a customer service orientation in support of “Great Products & Service”. Adherence to standards and best practice application acquired through training and work experience. Grow in knowledge of maintenance practices and equipment performance, understanding their impact on manufacturing processes and business objectives. Provide feedback on job assignment needs and improvement opportunities with peers and leadership


Maintain manufacturing process and support equipment to highest, reasonable performance levels to include mechanical systems including, but not limited to:

Troubleshoot and execute repairs of equipment causing or contributing to safety, quality, downtime/productivity opportunities and issues

Execute and provide feedback on proactive maintenance plans on assigned equipment to include:

Execute assigned or scheduled work orders in support of projects and process improvement (PI) efforts identified as critical to business objectives Mentor Reliability Techs C & D in development of needed skills, while continuing to strengthen personal skills through assisting Reliability Tech A’s and Leads in installation and removal of general mechanical systems

  • Power transmission components - bearings, pulleys/sheaves, shafts/rollers, couplings, sprockets, chains, belts, motors, and gearboxes.
  • Conveyance systems – product/process related, as well as those tied to utilities such as steam, water, air, electricity, etc. which could include pumps, piping, etc.
  • Mechanical control systems - including related hydraulic & pneumatic elements
  • Communicate findings, identifying potential causes, and correction steps to operations and maintenance leadership
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) - inspection & measurement of equipment components for proper function, including replacement of components on pre-defined schedules and lubrication
  • Predictive Maintenance (PdM) – inspection and measurement of equipment performance applying Infrared Thermography, collection of oil samples for outside analysis, and basic ultrasound measurement with audible evaluation
  • Condition Maintenance (CM) – repair and replacement of components identified as requiring attention through PM & PdM activities, including influence in the development of detailed job plans
Contact Name:
Lisa Elliott
Contact Phone Number: 803-750-4526
Application Process:
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