Who's My Advisor

Stay on Track. Make an Appointment with your advisor Today!

Faculty and staff are ready to help you plan your schedule. Make an appointment with your advisor and you’ll be able to:

  • Discuss your goals
  • Review program requirements
  • Create or update your degree plan
  • Address any academic issues
  • Add your classes to your registration cart
  • Get your registration code

How do I find my advisor?

Current Students

Current Students are assigned to Academic Advisors by major. We strongly recommend that students contact their advisor either by phone or email to schedule an appointment. Due to class schedules, clinical schedules, and labs, many faculty members are only available by appointment. Advisor information is located in Pathway on the Student tab. 

For more information, contact your program area:

  • University Transfer - 864-941-8447
  • Health Care - 864-941-8651
  • Business, Public Service, Information Tech. & Commercial Arts - 864-941-8729
  • Engineering and Industrial - 864-941-8486
New and Returning Students

New students to the college and students who have not been enrolled for one year or more should start with the Admissions Office by completing the admissions application. After completing the admission requirements, students will receive the next steps in their acceptance letter.

Transient or Visiting Students

Students who wish to take classes at PTC to transfer back to their home institutions should review the Transient process at www.ptc.edu/transient. If you have completed all of the steps outlined by Admissions and need further assistance, please contact the Admissions office at (864) 941-8369 or admissions.a@ptc.edu.

Students will obtain a Registration Code each semester from their Academic Advisor.

If you are unable to identify your advisor, please contact advising@ptc.edu or call (864) 941-8388 for assistance.