Who's My Advisor?

New students to the college and students who have not been enrolled for one year or more should start with the Admissions Office or County Campus. After completing Admission requirements, students will see a New Student Advisor to schedule first semester classes.

Current students are assigned to Academic Advisors by program and mostly by last name. In the table below, locate your department, program, and last name grouping. Advisors can be contacted by phone, e-mail or by visiting their offices. Faculty advisors generally have a sign up sheet on their office door for advisement appointments. If you cannot determine your advisor's name after reviewing the table below, contact:

Transient students, please review the Transient process at www.ptc.edu/transient.  If you have completed all of the steps outlined and need further assistance, please contact the Admissions Office at (864) 941-8369 or admissions.a@ptc.edu.

We strongly recommend that students contact their advisor either by phone or e-mail to schedule an appointment. Due to class schedules, clinical schedules and labs, most faculty members are only available during their posted office hours.


A-Z Roger Estridge

Administrative Office Technology

Medical Coding/Billing Concentration

A-Z Angel Alexander

Accounting, Legal, Medical, and Spanish Concentrations

A-M Menka Brown

N- Z MaryLou Wilson

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Associate in Arts & Associate in Science

Associate in Arts and Associate in Science

Honors Program Brad Griggs

Associate in Arts

A-B Jennifer Lopes

C Tonia Benton

D-F LaKeya Jenkins

G Will Petree

H Jennifer Lopes

I-J Jose Sanquintin

K-L Daniel Morvey

M-P Gabriella Contreras-Wanto

Q-S Lebbie Ligon

T-Z Kim Neal

Associate in Science

A-C Fernando Rincon

D-G  Melissa Hayes

H-L John Edwards

David Henry

N-S Patty Griffin 

T-Z Sherry Taylor

AA/AS Advisors in County Campuses


Spiros Papleacos

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A-Z Gerald Sartin

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Building Construction

A-L Kenneth McDaniel

M-Z Bobby Roche

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Accounting, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Management, Office Management, Business Transfer  

A    MaryLou Wilson

B-D Rich Mandau (Located on the Newberry campus)

E-L  Kara McAlister

M-R Suzy Murray

S-Z Steve Fennell

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Commercial Arts

Commercial Arts students may see either instructor for advisement. Assigned advisors are as follows:

A-M Kendall Adams

N-Z Tommy Gortney

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Computer Technology

A-B Coronicca Oliver

C-F Bill Cheek

G-N Coronicca Oliver

N-Z Bill Cheek

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County Campuses

Students in their second year are encouraged to contact their Academic Advisor by major.


Pleshette Elmore


Ashley Boone

Sherry Holmes


Pre-Nursing and Pre-Health Science

Pamela Jackson

Associate in Arts and Associate in Science

Spiros Papleacos

All Other 

Paige Mills


Pleshette Elmore


All Majors

Beth Jaeger

Jennifer Moore

Ashley Boone

Pre-Nursing and Pre-Health Science

Marc Renwick

Veterinary Technology - see faculty

Occupational Therapy Assistant – see faculty

Patient Care Technology – see faculty

All Other

Beth Jaeger


Robin Black

Wanda Shull

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Criminal Justice

A-L John Sloan

N-Z Josh Lindsay

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Early Childhood Development

A-L Rhonda Hull

M-Z Claudia Edwards

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Engineering Technology

Electronic Engineering Technology

A-L Jason White

M-Z Doug Massey

Engineering Design Technology

A-L Christina Knight

M-Z Sandy Warner

Mechanical Engineering Technology

A-Z Evan Amaya

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Funeral Services

A-L David Martin

M-Z Dedrick Gantt

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A-Z Jerry Capone

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Health Science

Pre-Health Science (For Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) and Pharmacy Tech, including students working on prerequisite coursework for these majors, please refer to list for Accepted Clinical Students below.)

A Heather Burden

B Meredith Brown Note: Off campus until January 2018. Please contact any Pre-Health Advisor

C Nita Staley-Abney

D-E Lisa Crawford

F Jordan Poss

G Catherine Terry

H Dale Smoak

I-K Tory Miller

L-O Bryan Carl

P Cami Westall

Q-S Greg Colley 

T Rebecca Soppe

U-Z Alex Miller


Pamela Jackson


Jennifer Moore

Marc Renwick

Health Science - Accepted Clinical Students only

Cardiovascular Technology (Accepted clinical students)

A-Z (Invasive) Christy Nichols

A-Z (Non-Invasive) Laura Boone

Massage Therapy (All students)

A-Z Susan Kinney

Medical Assisting (Accepted clinical students)

A-Z Debbie McCallum

Occupational Therapy Assistant (All students)

A-Z Sara May

Patient Care Technology (Accepted clinical students)

A-Z Kindel Atkins

Pharmacy Technology(All students)

A-Z Clay Sprouse

Phlebotomy (Accepted clinical students)

A-Z Debbie McCallum

Radiologic Technology (Accepted clinical students)

A-M Lee Balentine

N-Z Bil Heath

Respiratory Care (Accepted clinical students)

A-M Ann Piggott

N-Z Karla Gilliam

Surgical Technology (Accepted clinical students)

A-L Susan Kinney

M-Z Lenette Thompson

Veterinary Technology(Accepted clinical students)

A-M Ruthie Buist

N-Z Tanya Niles

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Health Science Transfer to Greenville Technical College(Medical Lab Technology, Physical Therapy Assistant, and Dental Hygiene)

A-Z Lenette Thompson

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A-Z Daniel Greenwell

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Human Services

Human Services students may see any advisor. Assigned advisors are as follows:

A-G Jamilla Jenkins-Nelson 

H-Q Julian Green

R-Z George Christia

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A-L Bill Cockrell

M-Z David Kibler

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Industrial Electronics

A-Z Charles Dixon

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Machine Tool & Precision Metrology

A-M Don Lytch

N-Z Phillip Calhoun

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A-F JC Crowder 

G-L Kevin Moore

M-S Danny Stovall

T-Z Charles Dixon

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A-B Mary Ann Vaughn

C-D Miranda Gaillard

Teresa Berry Note: Off campus until January 2018. Please contact any Pre-Nursing Advisor

F Miranda Gaillard

Teresa Berry Note: Off campus until January 2018. Please contact any Pre-Nursing Advisor

H-J Elizabeth Wilson

K Donna Dumont

L Susan Skawski

Lori Cooper

N Susan Skawski

O-Q Elizabeth Wilson

R-S Karen Larson

Susan Skawski

U-Z Donna Dumont

Clinical Students

A-Z Stephanie Cannady

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Manufacturing Assembly Operator

A-Z Trish Buis

Quality Assurance Technician

A-Z Trish Buis

CNC Operations

A-Z Trish Buis

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A-M Tony Amos

N-Z Jim Ladd

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