Date Posted: September 16, 2022

Deadline: March 29, 2023

Organization: Haering Precision USA LP

Location: Other

City: Lavonia, GA

Website: View Website

Job Type: Full Time

  • Legally allowed to work in the US

  • Minimum 2 year Engineering Technical Degree
  • Specific tasks will require gloves to be worn (handling parts)


Job Description:

Full Job Description

You will be providing maintenance, installation, and technical troubleshooting of mechatronics/ network devices working with an international mechatronics/ digitalization team as an Engineering Technician. This position will be in a growing factory environment, each day will offer different and new challenges to overcome. The minimum requirement of an Associate’s Degree in any applicable Engineering field (Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Mechatronics, General, etc). Specific tasks will require gloves to be worn (handling parts).


Daily Duties

  • Read and interpret electrical documentation, hardware drawings, and program terms for troubleshooting
  • Combine electronic, mechanical, computer and skills at the workplace

  • Work with complex high-performance manufacturing systems

  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and repair systems to maintain process efficiency

  • Analyzes technical specifications of mechatronic systems, subsystems, modules and components

  • Prevent error and maintain electrical/ mechanical systems.

  • Ensure optimal performance throughout mechatronic systems: Install, repair, adjust, and test equipment and components

  • Communicate with operators/ technicians to determine defects, errors in running procedure, and equipment errors.

  • Maintain network connections between server/ client programs.

Past Experience/ Expected knowledge/ Abilities

  • Perform all physical duties of a skilled labor associate (i. e. heavy lifting, prolonged standing, bending, twisting, and reaching)

  • Experienced with installation and maintenance of instruments/ controls (i.e. sensors, switches, pneumatics)

  • Experience reading electrical/ mechanical diagrams.

  • Comfortable with using a lift/ Heights

  • C#/ Python/ Blazer language experience. ( Not necessary but a plus)

Day Shift
Contact Name:
Lauren Merritt
Contact Phone Number: 706-805-0676
Application Process:
Email resume or apply via Indeed
Employer Address:

50 Anton Haering Street
Lavonia, GA 30553
United States

Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.