Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: August 22, 2016

Organization: SCDDSN Whitten Center

City: Clinton, SC

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Wages/Salary: TBA


Two years related experience with at least one year of experience working directly with persons with developmental disabilities and be one of the following: *Doctor of medicine of osteopathy, *Registered Nurse, *An individual who has at least a Bachelor's Degree in the Human Services fields, including but not limited to: Psychology, Social Work, Speech Communication, Gerontology, Education, Counseling, Human Development, Special Education, Recreation, etc.

Job Description:

QIDP is the leader of the interdisciplinary team, consisting of professional and paraprofessional staff responsible for developing individual program plans for consumers. Observes consumers, reviews data and progress, and revises programs based on individual need and performance. Ensures consistency among external and internal programs and disciplines to include ensuring that any discrepancies or conflicts between programmatic, medical, dietary, and vocation aspects of consumers' assessments and programs are resolved. Ensures consumer living and programming environments are clean and safe. Ensures communication with consumers' families. Ensures a follow-up to recommendations for services, equipment, or programs. Ensures that adequate environmental support and assistive devices are present to promote independence. Supervises direct support staff as needed for the purpose of ensuring each consumer's active treatment program is developed, implemented and monitored continuously and aggressively as required by regulations. Provides in-service training observations, monitor ship and evaluation of employee performance. As the leader of the interdisciplinary team, provides oversight and monitor ship of professional staff.

Monday - Friday (8am-5pm)
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