Placement Testing



Why Do You Need Placement Testing?

Piedmont Technical College’s assessment process gives new students entering the college a path to help them succeed in their educational goals. The results of the placement tests will help ensure you are placed into appropriate courses so that you are more likely to be successful in the coursework you choose to take at PTC. You will learn about your skills and how they compare with the skills you will need as you complete your program courses.

Testing or exemption from testing is required prior to advisement and registration for classes. Plan to complete testing requirements in advance of registration to avoid any delay in your enrollment.

To Register or Schedule for the Placement Test

Piedmont Technical College's placement test is administered through Desire2Learn (D2L), the College's learning management system. The test measures skills in reading, writing, and mathematics to help determine which classes will be best for you. There is no time limit set for any of the sections.

Testing is available 24/7/365 and requires an internet connection, a webcam, microphone, photo ID, and the use of the Google Chrome web browser. For more information on hardware/software requirements, see the Resources section below.

To register for testing, follow these instructions. If you have any questions, contact the Testing Center by phone at (864) 941-8748 or by email at

If you are a dual enrollment student, contact the Dual Enrollment Office to schedule testing at (864) 941-8352 or


Although appointments aren't required, please check our testing hours online

County Campuses

To schedule a placement test at a county campus, call your county campus to learn about testing times.

Students Needing Special Assistance

If you need special assistance because of a physical limitation or a disability, please contact Alexis Banks, Student Disability Services Counselor, in the Career Planning and Counseling Center, 101A, or call (864) 941-8378. Click here for information about PTC's Student Disability Services.

Important information:

  1. Testing usually takes approximately two-three hours. On the day of your assessment, you should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.
  2. Bring a picture identification (a current driver’s license or a valid passport) with you.


Placement Test Exemptions

The Placement Test may be waived when a student meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • A High School GPA of at least 3.0 and a "C" or better in Algebra II or higher for South Carolina applicants.
  • A "C" or higher in a college level English and Math course from a regionally accredited or approved institution.
  • Earned an associate, bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution. 
  • A minimum score of 19 on ACT Math waives the Math portion; and a minimum score of 20 on ACT English and Reading waives the Writing and Reading portion. 
  • A minimum SAT score of at least 450 on Verbal (or Critical Reading) waives the Writing and Reading portion; and a minimum score of 450 on Math waives the Math portion. 
  • A minimum GED score of 165 for Reasoning Through Language Arts and Mathematical Reasoning beginning with the 2016 GED. 


Can You Study for the Test?

The test is designed to help you and the college determine placement into college courses. The test is not timed and should not be stressful.  You should, however, prepare to take the test, and you should take the test(s) seriously. If you have been out of school for a year or more, a review of the subjects may prove to be helpful. Information and study guides for each portion of the test are below.

The reading portion of the placement test consists of 50 questions that assess vocabulary, reading comprehension, and inferencing skills.
Reading Study Guide 
Reading Study Guide Answers 

The English placement test consists of 50 questions that are primarily multiple-choice or matching.  The test covers basic grammar, parts of speech, modes of rhetorical writing, and steps in the writing process.
English Study Guide
English Study Guide Answers

The math test is a 50-question, multiple-choice assessment that covers various levels of math from basic math (such as whole numbers, fractions, percents, decimals) to more complex topics (such as quadratic expressions, equations, functions and graphs).
Math Study Guide
Math Study Guide Answers

Placement Testing Tips

  • Have a positive attitude!
  • Placement tests are not Pass/Fail.
  • Review before testing will improve your scores.
  • Try to do your best so that you will be properly placed.
  • You can take courses to brush up on areas where you need help.


Placement Test Results

Results of your placement test will become a part of your PTC records within 48 hours of completion (excluding weekends and holidays). Your scores will be reviewed in detail when you meet with an Enrollment Advisor after you complete the final admission steps to the college. Once you complete your placement test(s), please contact the Admission Office at (864) 941-8369 or for your next enrollment steps.

The D2L (Desire to Learn) placement test is an in-house test, and therefore cannot be transferred to other institutions.

Procedures for Non-PTC Students Taking Accuplacer Placement Test

If you would like to use our campus to take Accuplacer and have your placement scores transferred to another college or university, complete the Request for Transferring Placement Scores form. There is a $30 processing fee per transfer. This fee can be paid in the PTC Business Office, Room 141B, or by calling (864) 941-8322. The fee also can be paid at one of our county campuses (Abbeville, McCormick, Saluda, Laurens, Newberry or Edgefield). Test scores will not be sent until the fee is paid.